"Black cats are not always the worst of luck."

The Black Cat Slime Is a common find In The Moonlit Fields. They are more common to find during the night.



Black Cat Slimes are the most common Slime found in The Moonlit Fields. They're cheerful, cuddly, and playful. A Black Cat Slime will eat any type of Hen, or Rooster, but Stoney Hens being their favorite.

Rancher Risks

There's not much to worry about with the Black Cat Slime, a few Ranchers have reported that it seems as if the Black Cat Slime's smile grows bigger each time a Rancher walks (or runs) past them.

While the rumor of them being bad luck is still floating around somewhere, it has been proven wrong many times, in fact, Lucky Slimes are possible to be found in The Moonlit Fields.


Black Cat Plorts have a inner glow similar to a Phospher Plort. Black Cat Plorts are usually used as batteries for any type of electronic device, as Slime Scientists have revealed that these plorts are not like the others, the inner glow that these plorts have are said to be bursting with energy.

Some Ranchers have even said that they can feel a slight vibration when they have a full Vacpack of them. The reason for this is unknown by Slime Scientists, but they believe it is because Black Cat Slimes are so full of energy that it transfers into their plorts.


  • Black Cat Slime's eyes glow in the dark, which is the reason why many Ranchers keep them in the Grotto