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"It likes to say 'Baka!', a lot"
The baka slime was created by User:Bluecats. Permission is required to use this slime

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Heartbeets ???


To corral the Baka slime, your best bet is to sneak up on it, so It doesn't threaten you, as it will run away shortly after. once in a corral, the music box may be needed, unless they have been tamed or in another corral before. Regularly feed them with their favorite food (Tsunfruit) and they will quickly become very vaulable allies

Rancher Risks

The Baka slime is hostile, but will not attack. Once they have been corralled, and fed regularly, they start to produce more and more plorts. They are the most Tsundere of slimes.


The Baka plorts has high value (80 newbucks as of day 1) due to the rareness of the slime, and the usefullness of the plort. The plort of the Baka slime is used in video game consoles, as it makes sounds play very loudly. The reason for this is likely so the Baka slime can be heard from faraway


The Baka slime looks like a tabby slime, but is bright orange in colour and always has an angry expression. On rare occasions, it will have a regular tabby slime texture.


  • The baka slimes have a tsundere attitude, and will never harm you.