Baby slimes Special

Baby Slimes are various slimes that are the result of a Slime Egg hatching.

List of Baby Slimes

Baby Pink Slime

Baby Pink Slime


Time: 0:30

Adult Pink Slime

Pink Slime

Baby Rock Slime

Baby Rock Slime


Time: 1:00

Adult Rock Slime

Rock Slime

Kitten Slime

Baby Tabby Slime


Fed Oftenly

Adult Tabby Slime

Tabby Slime

Baby Tarr

Baby Tarr


Time: 15:30

Adult Tarr


Larva Slime

Larva Slime

Honey Fed < Fruit Fed

Honey Fed > Fruit Fed

Adult Phosphor Slime

Phosphor Slime


Time: 1:00


Winter Time: 5:00

Axel&#039;s final frost

Frost Slime

Baby electro slime

Baby Electro slime

Fed While with 2 other

slimes And wait 1:30>

Electro slime Without info


Wisp Slime
Baby Ghost Slime (Wisp Slime)



Ghost Slime
Baby Fire Slime
Fire Slime
Baby strawberry
Baby Strawberry slime
Strawberry Slime Scribble
Strawberry Slime
! ! !
Baby Smarty Slime
Baby Smarty Slime

Adult Smarty Slimes and Time:24:00

Smarty Slime
Smarty Slime
Baby Weather Slime
42:00 >

2 Days >

Weather Slime
Baby Werewolf Slime

Rowr! I am a monster!

2 Hours >
Angry Werewolf Slime

I am a angry floof.


  • Baby Slimes have higher pitched voices.
  • No Matter What, Baby Slimes are not agressive. Like... AT ALL!
  • Baby Tarrs are the size of an Average Adult Slime, thus, you can vac it with your Vac-Pack.
  • Larva Slime is a unique baby slime because it can grow up into either a Phosphor Slime or a Buzz Slime.

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