Strawberry Slime Scribble
This slime is free to use without the creator's permission!

B-026C is a secret Boss in Dungeon quest. It's hard to find, but very weak.

How to defeat

You just throw Revenge Rock Slimes back at him. It's reccomended to store them, because if you throw one, it will do nothing. If you throw MULTIPLE, it will make him throw some little sparks. If you shoot them repeteadly, you will make him fall. Sadly he self-destructs, but there is a way to domesticate him and not defeat/kill him.

More on that later.


Paint Shoot

He can shoot paint at you, stunning you and blocking your screen for 5 seconds.


He uses the vacpack. He has only one slot, FULL of Feral Revenge Rock Slimes. He can shoot them at you.


B-026C bites you.


B-026C purposedly makes a tarr. Randomly generated largo is dragged into a plort, and shot at you.

How to tame

First you have to defeat him once.

You can find him again.

Then you have to shoot a rad plort in his "mouth", and then it will violently shake, and a cutscene will play.

In the cutscene, B-026C is still shaking, but he starts to smoke a little. Then his eye screen glitches out, and the eyes become green. You see a "slime soul thing" that you see when a tarr eats a slime, sprouting from B-026C.

Then his "mouth" closes.  You have tamed him when that happens. If you load the most progressed game, B-026C will be right next to the Trade System. It takes the job of rancher and you can request him a drawing.

(It's programmed so you have to drag stuff so nobody types something inappropiate.)

(Examples include: "HURR HURR DRAUW A D**K HURRRRR")


  • B-026C is based on "someone" special. 026 is the pokedex number of Raichu. Hmmm... this seems  suspicious..