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'They said slimes can't go to space, look now.'
A squishy flyer!

Slimepedia Entry





Slimepedia Entry

  A slime only found in MSR-99, it floats around, almost able to fly, as it likes seeing ranchers.

Rancher Risks

  Their risks are minimal, but annoying. They float around, and can easily get through 1 floored corral. You will need an air net.


  Back on earth, these plorts are used for creating astronauts suits, and can help engines.  


  A gray slime with an orange stripe on top, with a small tower on its forehead, with 3 space ships orbiting it.  


  • My first slime
  • I don't know much about making pages, so in case I got this wrong, please just put it in the comments, and I did look at the format.

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