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"These slimes are so cute, they freeze your heart! Literally!"
Arctic Slimes are a Slime type. They are found in a Snowy Area called The Great Slime North

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Bluebilly Fruit


Arctic Slimes are made of a liquid ice. They are able to emit some sort of Arctic Aura, that is perfect for freezing things. These slimes can be very dangerous, but they are so cute, some ranchers don't care about the risks!

Rancher Risks

Arctic Slimes are having an arctic Aura. When ranchers or slimes other than its kind get near, they will slow down. If they don't get out quick enough, they will freeze. The risk of getting frozen is greater if touched


Arctic Plorts are a great use for making the perfect fridges! When rubbed on someone, they will freeze. Rubbing not recommended. Can also be used for playing freeze pranks! Freeze pranks also not recommended, unless you don't mind being in jail.


  • It is recommended not to touch these slimes, as it is a high risk of being frozen (knock-out)
  • A plort collector and auto feeder are the best way to collect their plorts.


  • When frozen, you hear a freezing sound and your screen goes blue.