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'It's grasp on reality is as weak as it's ability to digest meat'
The elusive anomaly slime is found only in the glass desert. It has a weak grasp on reality and cannot exist for more than 15 seconds at a time. In the event of danger, hiding, or boredom, the Anomaly slime will dematerialise, moving around of its own accord, unrestricted by corral walls. It is invisible and unvacable, and can pass through anything but plorton fields and the ground.

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It eats the rare Phantomato and will only produce plorts when eating a phantomato. It requires a plorton field as it can easily phase through the humble walls of the regular corrals.

Rancher Risks

The slime is so rare that the only two dangers it poses are awe-induced heart attacks and leading ranchers off the edge of cliffs into the slime sea.


The plorts of the Anomaly Slime are used for plorton disruption fields to contain dimension-shifting objects, andn jewellery that disappears randomly. They are incredibly rare.


The anomaly slime is light blue in appearance, glowing whiote towards the central face. It has blue lines streaking off it that increase in size and frequency when de/rematerializing,


  • Eating resets the existence timer so if you're lucky, you can leave one in a corral, kept there by the feeder
  • It will always eat, even if it is not hungry. This can be useful to rese the existence timer of one about to dematerialise to vac it up.