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'Wait, animations DO come to life?'
The Anima-TARR is a Tarr manufactured out of drawing ink and paper. Don't ask about the information...

Its a secret.

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You, your family, your pets, your other pets, your slimes, yea.



Slimology (

The Anima-TARR is a creation of true horror. It's a weird emalgimation of slime, paper and ink. It seems to be highly aggresive and a mindless eating machine, like it's Tarr bretherin, but something about the Anima-TARR is.. off. Mabye it's the biology, or mysterious history. Mabye if you search The Abandoned Studio, avoiding these, you may find the secret.

But it's not easy.

Rancher Risks

Whenever it bites, it releases some sort of black ink on the flesh, causing 5 damage per 3 seconds. If a slime is bitten, the ink is soaked into their skin, and turns them black. 5 in-game minutes later, a new Anima-TARR is born to spread the ink.


Its a Tarr.


The Anima-TARR is a black, dripping Tarr with white eyes textured like drawing paper. It's jaws are dripping a thick black ink, and the mouth is textured like burnt paper. It has scrunched up paper sticking out of it in some places, and are covered in ink. If one drops off, the messy note reads..

Dreams come true..

Tips (Heading) (Optional)

  • Just avoid the noms, and you will be fine.
  • To cure an inked slime, you must hold it near an Incinerator or a heat-based slime to melt the ink off.
  • Anima-TARRS are also deathly weak to fire.

Trivia (Heading) (Optional)

  • Take one guess to guess what this is based off.
    • Try it.
  • This is Contam's first Tarr
  • AntimaTARR and AnimaTARR are real similar, so sorry Basschu.