"Slime of the heavens! And ribbons!"

The Aether Slime is a slime found almost everywhere in the sky, most commonly in The Traveller's Turf. It will attack things that are foreign in the area. This slime is also extremely fragile, as it will disappear like a crate when hitting a wall.

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The aether slime, here to guard the aerial race of slimes! These slimes are sometimes a tad aggressive, but you'll be fine as long as you don't use a jetpack around them! They're also really fragile, so be careful. Otherwise, these colorful creatures are quite bouncy and lovable.

Rancher Risks

This slime is a guardian of the sky. It will attack the Rancher whenever they use their jetpack, which will cut the energy in the jetpack and destroy some health, making long flights dangerous with these guys around.They can be scared off by shooting any type of plort at them, or shooting water at them, making use of Pink Slime plorts late-game.

Because it attacks anything foreign, it will stay near where it spawned for the rest of it's life, so if you bring a slime to an area where it doesn't spawn, the Aether slime will attack it. The Aether slime will stop once it leaves it's spawn area, which doesn't happen naturally, only being able to happen with use of the Vacpac.


The plorts of this slime are used in two different ways. Back on earth, the plorts are carefully cut open, leaving a shiny, glass-like shell, and a silky material on the inside. The shell is used as expensive window panes, and used in glasses to perfect vision. The silky material is used in expensive dresses.


This slime is a lilac slime with two small, stylised wings, which are a soft sky blue. It has a ribbon-like 'tail'

When making a largo, it will keep it's tail and head wings.


  • These slimes are like fragile, aerodynamic Hero Slimes. They also are similar to the Bird Slime in many cases.
  • Rock Plorts can instantly kill this slime if forcefully fired at. This also happens with Arctic, Rad, and Hero plorts. The slime's plorts are just as fragile.
  • You can collect the inside of the slime's plort by shattering it, but it will be torn and dirty, thus, unsellable.
  • Putting these in the same corral as Boom, Tabby, and Rock slimes is a bad idea, because of their personality (will hit them against the wall corral wall, and if it's hard enough, enough to break the Aether) or because of their physical traits. (The Rock Slime's rocks.)
    • The Hero Slime, for some reason, acts more gentle around this slime, and will be gentle enough to be unable to break it.
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  • The slime flies so high up, it's almost impossible to reach without a jetpack. This makes them very hard to ranch. It keeps this trait, even when put in a Corral.
  • Making a largo with this slime and another slime can unlock various achievements
    • Making a largo with this and a Hero results in the achievement "Warrior of Land and Sky"
    • Making a largo with this and a Phoenix results in the achievement "Arise of Majestic Flight"
    • No one knows why these achievements are necessary.
  • A confused Aether Slime will follow an angry Bird Slime and help it attack a rancher. (Extremely low chance)
  • The Aether slime is one of the hardest slimes to ranch, but produces an incredible reward.
    • Even it's food proves as a danger in some cases, because if you feed it the Spooktato (its favorite food), the Spooktato might explode if the rancher was previously in a hot area (Glass Desert)
  • The word "Aether" is the "upper sky" in Greek Mythology.