Have you ever pondered a slime idea but were too lazy to make a page, or you can't take care of your page? Have you ever ran out of a train of ideas but wanna continue the page spree? This is for you! Put slimes here (free edit) you don't want to care for anymore. And if you want one here just ask the creator on their message wall!



  • Pages in bad condition from used-to-be members will also be here to adopt.
    • However, these pages can only be put up by an admin, to avoid accidental theft.
  • You can put anything below for anyone to adopt
    • This includes images, pages or even just an idea.
  • Once you've adopted a page, mark it with 'ADOPTED (By ___)'
    • This is so we know to add it to the archives.
    • Don't delete the page from the adoption list! An admin will do that when it's moved to the archives.



  • * Star Slime - unfinished, page abandoned, doesn't follow the format.
  • Emoji Slime - unfinished, page abandoned, pretty much same as the above created by zippee100, you do not need to ask me to adopt

Game Mechanics


  • Food Cubes - A trio of cubes for each type of food. Owner inactive.




  • Rift Slime - A slime that lives in the rift of reality. It is possibly harmful, and favors a mini-rift as a slime
  • Cthulhu Slime - A Slime that lives at the bottom of the slime sea, is naturally Largo Sized even while not being a Largo. Requires a ritual to summon from the seas.toy.
  • the skarme, the sunken temple stana statue slime chickadoos of the sea. unfinished, im geting lazy and i dont know how to format it so il leave the sunken temple and anything in it to a lucky adopter to maybe one day become a popular *still leave me credit though* - gamer1o7
  • Silly Slime- A slime that can take the looks of any slime, and makes life extra difficult for ranchers.

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