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Get the Ranchbot Armor in Mechanized Mode

What did you expect?'

Find And Use The Random Pistol

Sniped Get knocked out by a sniper slime.

Art Class Make a largo with a Monochromatic/Rainbow slime.

A Familiar Face

Get a pet slime.

A New Look

Fully upgrade a slime house and customize a slime.


Make a Pigeon/Sheep Largo.


Jump into a coralle of 20 Pigeon Slimes.

Crop it Away

Get unlucky, and have winds blow away your crops.

Cruel combiner

Make a mouse/tabby largo.

Dinner's Ready! (Bronze)

Make a food using the Cook's Stand!

Frost Fire

Throw a frost slime in an incinerator.

Frosty the Magic Snowslime

Give a Puddle Slime the Frost Disease.

How dare you melt him!

Burn Frosty the Magic Snow Slime... how dare you!

I knew someone would do it

Throw a crate into the ocean

Wave goodbye to your slimes!

Have a tarr form on a corral.


Put a Tarr in a coral with slimes in it. You Monster!

Witch Hunt

Throw a Fae Hen into an incinerator.

Because I can.

Combine a Tabby and a Bark Slime.

Best Friend!

Compleat 50 requests in a row!

Dinner for Two

Make ten different foods with the Cook's Stand


Use Destructive slimes to destroy the ranch house

Exploding And Entering

Break Into The Defensed hidden ranch In the far edge of the range


Make a Glitch/Virtual largo.

Garden of Death

Grow some Chompeys on your ranch.


Be around more than 20 fact slimes at the same time

How long has this BEEN in here?

Find a silver slime in a crate

I scream for Ice Cream

Combine a Frost Slime with a Strawberry Slime

Just Another Enemy

End her suffering.

Nobody can hear you baa...

Have 20 sheep slimes near you. SEIZURES AND CRINGES FOR ALL!

Snowy Situation

Create a Snowflake Slime

  • First, place the Frozen Fig in the Food Capsule of the Slime Researcher
  • Then, place the Puddle Slime in
  • Lastly, hit the switch!


Launch a Tarr at a Slime really high in the air, make sure to kill that Tarr to

Tarr no tarring!

Create Tarr's Bane


Put honey slimes and tabby slimes in the same corral


Defeat the Moon Tarrlossus. (NOTE: Only works after killing the regular Tarrlossus)


Make a Stalker-Jumpscare Largo. Congrats, you just turned Slime Rancher into a horror game.


Unlock B-026C and ask him to draw something.

End this now

Defeat the true true true true true final boss, The Slime Seed


Start a Battle with the Apocalypse Slime with an inventory full of Rainbow Slimes.

Hobson's Secret

Know Hobson's secret

Honey, you're fat

Defeat Candi, Young Honey God


Don't lose any health at any point in time (Including Boss Fights).

Times where the damage is not avoidable do not count.

King of Slime Gods

Beat all the Slime Gods


Kill the Slime Seed 5 times, and watch yourself be the new legend

Not the only Key

Defeat Lockheart, Guardian of the Glass Desert

Omega Crush

Defeat Omega Tarr/God Tarr

Omega Bomb

Have the timer run out on either Omega Tarr or God Tarr's Battle

Omega Zapper

Get zapped by a Super Bug Zapper


Kill 50000 Slimes

Please end this for real.

Fight the last boss fight... guess who.

Professional Chef!

Make a grand total of 50 different meals.


Get to the second-last cutscene before the final boss in Mechanized Mode.

Pure Evil

Have a boss slime kill pineapple.

Pure of Water, Pure of Heart

Discover the Purewater Isles

Reject the Sheep

Fight the Sheep Master... Baa spammer.

To Planet Planet of Planet

Go to Planet it a Planet?

Trick or Doom

Defeat the Pumpking.

Wave goodbye to your slimes! 2

Have a Dynamite Slime kill at least 30 slimes in 1 blast

Welp, you just ended the world.

Throw a Nuke (rad/boom) at the Tarrlossus, before the Nuke explodes. Congrats, you just created the apocalypse.

We Will Live On

Defeat the Apocalypse Slime.

When death gives you lemons.

Throw 50 Phase Lemons into an incinerator at once.

Worst "Rancher" Ever

Within one in-game day do the following:

  • throw a rainbow slime in a desert, killing it
  • make 10 tarrs
  • throw 25 slimes into an incinerator
  • Throw 15 frost slimes in an incinerator
  • Throw a pink slime into a corral of 20 fact slimes.
  • Get a pineapple killed by the apocalypse slime.
  • Make a Frost Boom Rock Rad Quadro using the Slime Researcher in the lab.
  • Make a tabby mouse bird bark quadro.

Dramatic Entrance

Break into Slime Star Studios

Slime Star

Fill your Vac-Pack with Famous Slimes

Movie maker

Fill your Vac-Pack with camera slimes, camera slime plorts, famous slimes, and famous slime plorts


make a boss summoner

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Give a plort to a Tabby Pumpkin and make it explode.

Put achievement above in Silver plz. Toykid22

A Sticky Situation... (Bronze)

Get a Glue Slime stuck to your nozzle.

An Even Stickier Situation (Bronze)

Get ten Glue slimes stick to you.

I Can't See! (Silver)

Get a Glue slime stuck in your face.

Sticky Buddies Forever (Bronze)

Get a Glue slime stuck with another slime.

Dried Out (Bronze)

Let a Glue Slime evaporate (die).

Aren't Tar Already Sticky? (Silver)

Get a Glue Slime stuck to a Tarr.