"Level up!"

8-bit slimes are rare, thin, pixel slimes.

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This slime looks like it's made of pixels, it's almost completely flat! Since they are so thin, it only takes one fruit at a time to fill them up. It takes a longer time for them to get hungry again, compared to most other types of slimes. They are known to sing often, but their voices are chiptune and sometimes grating. These slimes will semi-rarely appear in any area.

Rancher Risks

8-Bit Slimes' chiptune singing can scare away other types of slimes, causing them to try to flee their corrals and put distance between themselves and the singing. It is recommended that a rancher buys the sound-proof walls upgrade for the 8-bit Slimes' corral.


8-Bit Plorts are often used in building game consoles and programming games! Games run much smoother, and rarely lagged when upgraded with these plorts. Some say, that holding this plort in your hand will give you inspiration and game ideas.


8-Bit Slime appears to be a yellow slime made of big pixels. It is very thin, so it may be hard to spot at a distance if turned at a 90 degree angle.


  • It is best to upgrade a 8-Bit Slime's corral with Sound-Proof Walls.
    • Sound-Proof Walls cost 500 Newbucks.
    • If you don't yet have a corral with Sound-Proof walls, or don't have the Newbucks saved up for one, it might be better to put the 8-Bit Slimes in a corral that's distanced from other slimes.
  • It is recommended to feed 8-Bit Slimes cherries only, since they eat little.


  • The yellow color and the favorite fruit of this slime being cherries are both a reference to Pac-Man, an 8-bit game by Namco
    • Cherries are one of the fruits that can be picked up in Pac-Man for extra points.